Scarborough Fair

This well known traditional melody is arranged for four clarinets and bass clarinet. The idea here is to enable an inexperienced player to sit and play alongside more advanced players. This is a very short piece and may well make a suitable ‘encore’ item.

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8 Parts for £5·00
£0·63 Each

Included Parts

  • Score
  • 1st B♭ Clarinet
  • 2nd B♭ Clarinet
  • 3rd B♭ Clarinet
  • 4th B♭ Clarinet
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Alto Clarinet
  • Bassett Horn

The 1st clarinet part is intended for a beginner and uses only diatonic notes from the lower register; the 2nd clarinet player should lead if the 1st player does not feel confident enough to do so. The key to a successful performance is observation of the dynamic markings, especially the crescendo to forte about half-way through. All parts could easily be doubled; but with 2 or 3 players on parts 1 - 4 only one bass clarinet is necessary. Alternative parts for clarinet 4 are provided for alto clarinet and basset horn. Low C bass clarinet is not required; lowest note is F.

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8 Parts for £5·00
£0·63 Each
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