All Through the Night (Short Version)

This short arrangement is intended to offer maximum flexibility for virtually any group of inexperienced instrumentalists. It will work with minimal instrumentation, that being the piano part and one of the lead parts (flute 1, clarinet 1 or violin 1). The piano part is intended for a teacher or assistant to support the group, but there is no reason why a pupil should not play it if possible. The best results will be achieved with a balanced mix of different instruments, but virtually any group can play the piece if the piano part is included. In most cases the second or third parts are intended for beginners, including those who may only have had two or three lessons. The guitarist can play the single notes (mostly open strings) or the chords and the harpist can leave out either hand or play the upper notes of the right hand part. The percussion part can be played by one player on drum kit or by separate players / instruments and the glockenspiel part can be played on any tuned percussion instrument or keyboard. There is a more extended version of this piece in Music for Junior Orchestra.

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Note: although only two parts are specified above, ‘parts’ contains all parts for all instruments in the score and a number of alternative doubled parts.

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