Music for your event

I can provide a group for your event - perhaps you want a small jazz ensemble to provide background music at your wedding reception or maybe a larger group with a singer for dancing?

Whatever you require, get in touch for a discussion. It is vital that you get the right music for your event and I will always be honest about whether what we provide is likely to be suitable or not (and if not put you in touch with other groups that can help you). We do not play too loud (!) – I have been to many events where the music (be it recorded or live) is so loud that people cannot talk to each other or make any attempt to socialise. Many events that require music are family occasions and people always want a good chat! Most people want a group that is sensitive to their needs and realise that the focus is not always on the music.

I have groups for many occasions:

  • Jazz / pop trio
  • Jazz quintet
  • Big band
  • Sax / clarinet with backing track
  • Clarinet ensemble
  • Sax ensemble

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